Monkey Practice – aka: Air Yoga

There is something amazing about hanging upside down. I’m not sure if it’s the romantic notion of your heart being above your head, or my mild fascination with monkeys and sloths or just the fact that blood is rushing to my head…but I always feel calm, content and empowered when I’m inverted. My head/handstands are improving…the … Continue reading Monkey Practice – aka: Air Yoga

Pursuit #1 – Yoga (Instagram Inspired)

Sadly, my day usually starts and ends with Instagram, as one of my good friend says, 'Instagram ruins your life and makes it better at the same time' - K. Kazmer My latest obsession on IG are the super stretchy, flexy and sexy yoga bunnies. So since i already dedicate too much of my time to … Continue reading Pursuit #1 – Yoga (Instagram Inspired)