8 Goals for 2020

I’ve always been someone who sets goals. But as I’ve gotten older and life has gotten more busy, I seem to lose track of ‘what I should be doing’. This year, I am determined to keep track! I want to be able to finish 2020 knowing just how much I have accomplished as far as my goals are concerned. I am someone who never feels like they have done enough, so o really do need that consistent tracking to check myself before I wreck my self (as the great Ice Cube once said).

This year, I’ve decided to prioritise. 8 main goals, and 5 (or so) nice to have goals. So here they are:

  1. Read 20 books
  2. Complete my Spanish grammar book
  3. Exercise 150 times 
  4. Make $1000 from decluttering aka selling some shit
  5. Complete 3 MBA units (half way through my masters y’all!)
  6. $xx in shares (don’t want to bore you with actual amounts)
  7. Start my own small business
  8. Renovate the bathroom

Smaller goals:

  1. Bake 50 types of breads/pastry/dough thangs
  2. Journal regularly
  3. Recharge with friends (aiming for at least once a week)
  4. Zero inbox
  5. Listen more than I talk (this ones hard to measure, it’s more of a continuous work on)

So there you have it, my goals are out in the open which research suggests should improve my chances of succeeding! Who am I to argue with science?

What are your goals and any thoughts on mine? Would love to have a goals chat with anyone!
S xx

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