Flora & Fauna

Tucked away down a little side street in Northbridge is a little café with a big attitude – Flora & Fauna. This small but mighty veggie and vegan hot spot is yet another reason why I am loving our growing city – Perth. The presentation of the food is next level and the set-up is very relaxed, spacious yet cosy. We went on a sunny winters day where the weather was just right! The outdoor setting is dog friendly and there are plenty of chances to get your dose of sun rays. I’m not too sure what the set up would be like on a rainy day (hopefully they would have something to keep people dry!) but if there is a bit of sun, this is the place to be. 

Prices may seem a little high but I have made my fair share of raw and vegan food and honestly, it’s not the cheapest to make when you use quality ingredients. Plus, I am quite used to Perth and London prices so I may be a little desensitised…Basically, I think the food is worth the price and I intend to definitely come back to this little gem…I’m not sure why I’m defending these prices so much! I think I’ve just seen a few reviews which bag out the price but hey, have you seen how much a cinema ticket costs these day!? (Not sure of the relation there but it’s a valid point still)

Coffee was OK – to be honest I don’t remember if it was super good but I do remember that it wasn’t bad…so that’s a plus! We are generally spoilt in Perth with good coffee so this place is a pass for sure.

Our food picks for the day:

Banana Bread (GF/V/P)

I am a sucker for banana bread and this one happens to contain no refined sugar (pretty sweet bonus☺️). It comes with your choice of Dulce de Leche, coconut jam, Nutella or Organic peanut butter as well as fresh seasonal fruit – I had Nutella of course. Did I mention the plating is NEXT LEVEL!!??

Creamy Cashew Mac & Cheese (GF/V)

The Hubby was starving and not so impressed that I ‘tricked’ him into going to a place that didn’t have meat ☺️ I’m not vegan or vegetarian but it’s nice to venture out and try new things – he got over it pretty quickly! This dish he chose was labelled the “healthy comfort food” and was served with a vegan sauce. There was a GF option however there wasn’t much chance of that making it on the hubby’s plate…that would have been pushing it! As usual, the meal went down a treat and he was surprised at how full he was! Definitely a creamy healthy comfort food choice! Perfect for winter.

Find it:

4/70 Aberdeen St, Northbridge WA

Go There:

Tues – Fri // 7.30am – 2.30pm

Sat & Sun // 8.30am – 3.00pm

*you may want to check closing times before you go

Call them:

0468 948 281
Please let me know if you try this place out or if you have already been! Would love to know your thoughts!
S. Xx

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