Europe Getaway 

Words cannot begin to express how excited I am for out Europe Getaway in July! I miss Europe. Like, I really miss it. The ease of travel, the endless history…the pastries! I miss it. This trip will only be short but we are really making the most of it.

When I travel, I tend to have only 2 speeds; Completely Chilled (I’m talking cocktails and lounging by the pool) or hustle-hustle non-stop. This trip is definitely going to be the latter. We leave Perth on the 2nd of July and return on the 22nd and in that time…we are travelling to:

➢ Singapore

➢ Greece

– Athens

– Santorini

➢ Italy

– Milan

➢ Croatia

– Split

– Dubrovnik

➢ Norway

– Oslo

➢ Finland

– Helsinki

➢ United Kingdom

– Devon (For a wedding YAY!)

– Baldock (small town we lived in for over a year)

– London

➢ Malaysia

– Kuala Lumpur

Intense huh?

I have no doubt that many of these places will beckon us to come back and see more…that’s inevitable. What I am excited about is getting a taste for all these place so we have an idea of where we want to spend more time on our NEXT trip!

Even though I love Australia and my little city, I still have a special place in my little heart for Europe and I know once we leave we will want to come straight back! I’ll be blogging on all these spots! So if there is anything you want me to check out – please let me know!

Would also appreciate any travel tips for these places!


S. xx

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