17 of 2017 – Re-visiting my goals

So it’s already half way through May (whaaattt!?) and I thought this would be an appropriate time to re-visit my 2017 goals. This year, I made sure my 2017 goals list met 3 criteria:

1. It had to be well rounded…I’m talking travel, learning, fitness, financial etc.

2. I had to challenge myself and not do easy ‘tick off’ type of goals

3. I had to be inspired by them! These are my goals – they’re just for me…so why have anything on here that I didn’t feel super passionate about?

So with that simple criteria in mind…I constructed my 2017 goals list:
1. Travel to 6 Countries

2. Learn 3 songs on the Piano – I have no idea how to play the piano

3. Complete 5 MOOCS – I’ll do a post on these soon

4. Read 12 Books – it’s important (but hard) for me to make time to read books, I have quite the book collection!

5. Have $xxxxx in our Offset Account – Savings is really important for me and makes me a lil’ less crazy

6. Have $xxxxx in our Shares Account – Dabbling in a bit of trading these days

7. Significantly help someone with their business – I LOVE helping people

8. Complete 5 house upgrades – something so satisfying about making your home just that bit more homely

9. Nurture and edible garden and have laying chickens – free ranged eggs

10. Hold a forearm balance – headstand is all I can currently muster…and a few lucky handstands shortly before falling over

11. Be able to do the splits 3 ways again – this used to be ‘easy’ back in my ballet days

12. Go on a 20km Hike – So nice being out in nature

13. Squat or Deadlift twice my body weight – been on my goals list for 2 years now 😦

14. Solve a Rubik’s cube in under 3 minutes – because…why not?

15. Go on 28 coffee dates with different friends – connection is so important to me

16. Have an overseas pen pal – again…old school connection

17. Memorise 150 Mandarin Characters (and be able to say them too!) – started learning Mandarin 2 weeks ago


I guess this is a safe place to say that I have dropped the ball on some of these…but there is no time like the present to get back on the horse! I am definitely a ‘list person’ so the biggest thing for me is to make sure I effectively do my usual Sunday planning- which I actually enjoy doing. What do you do to keep you focused on your goals?
I would love to hear other people’s 2017 goals or life goals! Feel free to comment or link me to your post!

S. xx

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