Back on the Band Wagon

Oops, so I fell off the blogging band wagon again. #guilty

Basically I got busy…like really busy. The shift to the UK was meant to give me more time but as usually, this little busy bee filled up every spare minute and second with something! Don’t get me wrong, I did LOVE our time away! We travelled, ate, explored and learnt so much about Europe and ourselves (yikes, that sounds deep). I also discovered that my need to always busy busy doesn’t disappear when I cross oceans and if anything, it grows stronger as I try to keep my mind off family, friends that I can’t see and of course, my fur child Khan! Does anyone else feel the impulse to be 120% busy!?

The fur child – Khan

All in all, Europe was amazing! We visited 20 countries, saw a few West End shows, ticked off a bunch of bucket list items and I managed to finished some study – yay I’m a PT now!


I was planning on having some time off when we got back to Australia just before Christmas but in typical ‘me’ fashion, I went straight back to work in Jan! Back to Fly in, Fly out work…not that I’m complaining! I’ve always been so fortunate with all my endeavours in life and I have a feeling things are only going to get better! We have some big things planned and I really hope you will join me for the (no doubt) bumpy ride! The more the merrier!

Sunset on my Mine Site

S. xx

P.s I’ll be posting some info about our trips through Europe in the next few weeks! Stay tuned!

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