Anarchy Training Centre – it’s all in the name

Anarchy Training Centre – it’s all in the name

Anarchy Training Centre is centrally located at 505 Newcastle Street, WEST PERTH. I Type ‘West Perth’ in capitals because I made the rookie mistake of turning up at 505 Newcastle St in Leedy and ended up looking like a weirdo, circling in my car and peeping in windows trying to find there this training space is! – Don’t make the same mistake!

The gym is an open space of pain located underneath another building (so you will feel hellllla bad ass heading into this ‘underground style’ gym!). The trainers there – although looking like they were just chiseled from marble, are incredibly vibrant, friendly and welcoming…a gentle allure into the torturous training you are about to sign yourself up to!


I have had a group personal training at Anarchy with Renae (a Co-Owner & Trainer) who is absolutely amazing. The group training was with my work crew (#joblove) and she definitely put us through our paces with a tough partner-circuit workout. Anarchy incorporates a massive range of exercises with more equipment than you could ever imagine such as tyres, hammers, weights, kettle bells, rowers, bikes, bosu and fit balls as well as a whole range of boxing equipment. This all guarantees a sweaty and grueling workout that will always keep you on your toes (figuratively and literally).


Last night i did my first ever Cardio Boxing class and it was tough! My heart rate stayed above 120 for the whole 1 hour long session burning over 350 calories (which is a lot for me! – hellooooo guilt free Oreo Mc Flurry on Saturday Night!) I loved it. I worked out with one of my gorgeous work friends who set the pace (she’s super fit!-Super fit and super hot! *Damn her!!) and boxed like I was the Pacman himself – OK I was nothing like the Pacman but I was channeling some serious ‘kick ass’ energy.


The class was fun, and the team was inviting and friendly. The other gals who were in the class were fun and everyone went at their own pace (albeit a pretty damn fast pace!). It’s amazing how you can bond with someone when you are feeling their pain!!! – As well as your own! If you have gloves and pads at home, I’d definitely bring them along, otherwise Anarchy does have a lot of pairs that you can use…just beware that they are used aka. Smell like other people’s sweat…hnnngggg…*yucky thoughts*!

Anyways – I would totally recommend checking out one of their classes or if you’re shy but still want to get your sweat on, try a personal training session! You won’t regret it…well..Your muscles will hurt and there will definitely be a point in time where you’re like ‘why am I doing this!’ but afterwards…you won’t regret it!


S. x

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