LaFIT Studio – Lagree Fitness aka. Feeling Muscles You Never Knew Existed!

  LaFIT Studio – Lagree Fitness aka. Feeling Muscles You Never Knew Existed!


So I should have seen the signs before I even attended the class…But I didn’t! I had seen on the website that Lagree Fitness and the Megaformer (aka. MegaKiller) incorporates Strength, Cardio, Flexibility and Endurance in the work out. There have been claims that you can burn up to 800 calories in only 45 minutes and the exercises are promised to make you ‘sweat, shake and burn’. **Alarm Bells**

Although I doubt i burned the 800 calories (my burn rate is usually pretty low)…I certainly can confirm the ‘Sweat, Shake and Burn’ claim! Let’s start from the Start!

The studio is situated on Hay Street in Subiaco (a bit out of the main hub). Parking s OK…Mostly Street parking…I did my class at 6.30pm so I shooed in an awesome park…during the day would perhaps be a little trickier!

The studio is really cool. Quite a clever mix of green, industrial and metal topped off with an all round fresh vibe. The studio also has a window that goes straight to the street so if you’re a bit exercises shy then I would recommend getting to class early so you can score yourself a Megaformer down the back!



My Instructor was an absolutely gorgeous fit chick called Jill, who had just arrived in Australia from San Fran! If I had to sum up the work out in one word…it would be…HARD. Two words would be F*ck** Hard! I’m not sure if it’s because of my epic leg workout at the gym the day before (Hit an 85kg back squat PB – yeah bayyybaaayyy!!!), or the fact that Karma was hitting me for sayin’ just hours earlier ‘No my legs actually feel really great after my workout yesterday’ …but after 5 minutes on the Megaformer…I literally felt like there was a good chance my quads were going to peel off my bones! **Look at the happy plants…they look peaceful and relaxing – and not in pain!**


Needless to say, 45 minutes was long enough for a class like this! The group was only small (4 people) but everyone was saying how much they enjoyed it. The death contraption that is the ‘Megaformer’ is pretty simple to get used to and there is opportunity to lower the resistance…or increase it…whatever your death wish may be! I guess one highlight was when two of the regulars assured me at the end of the workout that this particular class happened to be one of the hardest they have done…but then again they may have just felt sorry for me after seeing that I was on struggle street for at least 50% of it! Either way…I didn’t care! I sweated, I shook and I definitely burned! The class lived up to its promises!


The down side to all of this? – The $37 single class price tag which also made me sweat, shake and burn (money that is!). Crazy expensive. I feel like I am almost desensitised to exuberant fitness class price tags, I will cough up $30 for an air yoga class without batting an eye lid! But $37 for a 45 minute class…hnnnggggggggggg. It didn’t sit that well with me or my bank account! They do have deals of course…10 classes for $320 ($32/class) or Membership prices which can get the price down to a minimum of $23.75/class (if you’re super keen and go 3 times a week)…but you literally would have to be a ‘Lagree Addict’ to get the full benefit out of the membership.

All in all, it was a great workout with a good teacher, atmosphere and students…however it is a serious commitment. Like all new shiny things…it is fun and I would still recommend going to see what the buzz is about…but I would definitely take advantage of the New Client Offer if I were to live out my LaFIT experience again ($50 for 3 classes in 2 weeks…$17/class). It definitely is a workout you can’t do a where else (unless you happen to have a Megaform sitting in your lounge room or something – each to their own!)…IF NOT…

So there it is…LaFIT Studio Subiaco…I came, I saw, I got punished!

Let me know if you go and what you think…or if you have been to a Lagree class somewhere else!

Love, Sweat, shake and Burn.

S. x.

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