O2 Cafe – Good Vibe and Friendly Faces

O2 Cafe – Good Vibe and Friendly       Faces

Firstly…I am no food critic and I wouldn’t even call myself a food blogger but I do love trying out new places to have a cheeky coffee or a quick (or not so quick) bite to eat. I am always inspired by how quickly Perth has grown in regards to things to do and places to see and am grateful to constantly surprised by little hidden gems. This is my very first MTO a cafe and I have to say, I don’t feel 100% comfortable doing it. There’s something about the worry of being a sort of ‘keyboard warrior’ and ‘reviewing’ a cafe and criticising points that I probably couldn’t execute that well myself! But anyways…here it goes…my honest POV. It starts like this:

Last week, one of my good friends somehow conned me out of missing a yoga class to try out a new cafe (not an easy thing to do as i like my bendy time)! She admitted that she had never been there before, but knew one of the owners and wanted to see if it was any good. The bonus was that it was so close to my home and I hadn’t seen her for about a month…how could I say no!?

So she picked me up (also part of our deal) and we made our way to our target: O2 Cafe.


First impressions: Cool. This place looked like an awesome hang out. Vertical green wall, basalt (blue stone) tables, raw brick work, tin roof, warm but cool feeling. I liked it.



We found a seat at one of the tables. There was only one menu on the table (a bit strange considering there were two chairs there) so we stole another one off a vacant table nearby – no biggie.


The menu looked good. Real good. About average price for Perth (aka. Pretty expensive) but still, decent enough. Now…my general golden rule in ordering out is that i go for things i normally wouldn’t bother cooking myself. Today, it was the Pancakes served with seasonal fruit, citrus ricotta, walnut crumble and WA honey (GF / VG option). My friend chose the Big Breakfast (which was a contender for me too but when I found out she wanted it I instantly decided i would just steal some off her plate).

We went to the counter to order and it was here that the reviews I had previously read rung true. The staff are a little inexperienced. Absolutely lovely, very friendly and bubbly, but just a little lacking on basic knowledge e.g. whether they accepted AMEX (or even what the difference was) – but maybe i was just looking out for it…who knows. Either way, i much rather a friendly slightly inexperienced waitress than a super clever and experienced b**ch. So again, no biggie!

Coffee came out first…and i have to say…pretty damn good! I would definitely go back there for a quick coffee, no doubt. Then the food. Also, pretty good. A lil’ fancy without being pretentious. The brekkie was a good size, as were the pancakes! Eggs were cooked perfectly, pancakes had a great crispy edge to them and all in all it was good. I would have loved to have gotten more of a honey flavour in the pancakes and perhaps a little punch of freshness in the big breakfast but that’s just being picky.



Final verdict…Definitely somewhere i would go to have a coffee and chill – especially on a rainy day. Wouldn’t be int he biggest rush to have a full meal there again (I have seen better value at other places) but I know there are exciting plans in the pipeline for this little cafe!

If you’re in the Bassendean area, check it out ! Let me know what you think. Let’s support the small businesses and get behind our fellow Perth-ians!



S. x

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