The Me in ‘Team’

The Me in ‘Team’

Firstly, I do love my yoga classes, gym sessions, Barre and other random classes whether attempted by myself or with a partner in crime! There is – however, something amazing about being a part of a team sport.

Working Fly in – Fly out for over four years meant that I could never really commit to a team sport. I hated not being able to be a consistent team member and always felt like an outlier if I couldn’t make most games and training sessions. With the latest turn of events (all positive!) I have been able to reunite my love of team sports! Yay – go Me!

Currently, I play Soccer (Football as some of you will have it) and Netball.


My QP Resies Soccer Team

Before joining the two teams, I literally knew one other person on each team. I hadn’t played either sport for close to 6 years and knew I was in for a bit of a laugh…mostly at myself. Laughter was closely followed by frustration as I realized that ‘muscle memory’ didn’t switch on after just one game….I sucked! It’s like trying to play on monkey bars after years of inactivity. You remember swinging off them when you were young (soooo much fun!) and yet when you even try to hang off a rung when you’re an adult you soon feel; a) super heavy b) super weak and c) confused (this used to be so fun and easy!!!). That was me. Fully out of my comfort zone – Surrounded by people who have never met me before… Feeling like an absolute Muppet! ‘Sorry guys, I swear I used to be OK at this!’


As frustrating as this whole experience was, it wasn’t long before I remembered why I loved playing team sports…

  1. There’s something about looking around on a court or a field and seeing your team mates. All in some sort of matching gear, all with a common goal (to kick the other teams butt) and all motivating and supporting each other (besides the occasional fun banter!…seriously guys…wth!! haha). On and off the field or court, when you have a good team you soon have some pretty good friends! Although I haven’t been a part of either team long, everyone’s super friendly (even when I was playing like I had two left feet and two left hands) and know how to have a good time. This brings me to my second point…
  1. It’s pretty damn FUN! Yes, I have been smashed in my shin for about 3 weeks in a row (through my shin pad) which has given my leg an ‘attractive’ purple-ey yellow hue (lucky it’s not summer!) and yes, there was a day (or two) where I was walking a bit like a cowboy (my legs were just not having this ‘walking’ business anymore!) but above all of that… I was having fun. It’s actually surprising how much enjoyment I was getting out of being apart of each team, considering my competitive soul didn’t quite like the idea of losing (which more than occasionally happened). It was more about growing as an individual player and as a team. It was about seeing teammates improve, as well as myself, and about ‘jelling’ as a team – don’t get me wrong…winning is a welcomed happy bonus 😉


  1. And lastly; I get to find a place for ‘me’. Seems strange, but when you’re doing a class, your place is generally where your standing. That’s about as deep as it gets. But in a team sport, you can actually find your place, your real place. The place where your strengths get a chance to shine and your weaknesses have the potential to be improved. For example, my place in netball is generally Wing Attack or Center. But the ‘me’ finds her place as the little person who runs around (like a ferret), focuses on passing, gets to know where her team usually ends up on the court and will happily run and jump around for the whole game (it’s a pretty small court). I have a role. I am integral in the team (as is every other member on the court) and I have responsibilities (don’t f*** up!). Opposed to a class or a gym session where the success or failure of the class doesn’t depend on any one participant and everyone is on their own journey, not sweating towards a united goal. Don’t get me wrong, like I said at the start…solo/duo classes are great…but there is a whole they just don’t fill!

So do you play a team sport? How do you get involved in your community? Are you like me and like to dabble in a bit of everything or are you loyal to just one way to sweat?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Where do you find your ‘me’?


S. x

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