Meet me at the Barre…

   Meet me at the Barre…


One thing I miss about my childhood is Ballet and Contemporary Dance. Since I was young, dancing was a part of my life. I would go to practice at least 3 times a week for countless hours with my amazing group of friends and we would attend a few competitions a year and complete exams. I stopped exams when I got to pre-elementary level as I couldn’t commit the time to it and I stopped competitions and dancing all together when I left my small country town to attend university in Perth.

Sure, I replaced ballet and contemporary dance for other types of dancing (nominally semi to fully-drunk dancing at all hours of the night in less than classy establishments – sorry Mum!) but it never really had the same satisfaction that traditional ballet and contemporary dancing gave me. Queue Xtend Barre!!

I had first heard of the concept of Xtend Barre a few years ago in a passing conversation ‘hey, have you heard of that exercise that’s like ballet but not ballet but you do a workout at a barre?’ My answer of course …’No! WTH…I want in!’ A quick Google search left me discouraged as it seemed to only be prominent on the East Coast. Sad Face. But not anymore! Recently, I found, and soon fell in love with; Xtend Barre.


Laura and I reliving the old days!

Xtend Barre can be found at a few locations in Perth; Perth City (King St), Floreat and Joondalup (I think there are other companies that do the same thing…but im a loyal ‘Xtend Barre’ goer!). Personally, I have loved my classes at the Floreat Studio. Emma is amazeballs and pushes your legs to breaking point! She has also got an amazing bod so Xtend Barre must be good for you…right? After class, they serve up a cup of tea for each student and there’s plenty of time to shop around (they have clothing, candles, heath food stuff and other random bits of pieces!).


The class itself is super fun. It consists of barre, center and floor work and you will literally work every muscle in your body! Most classes incorporate the use of a resistance band, super light weights which soon feel like super heavy weights and balls. In the class, you will hear a whole bunch of ballet terms (which I LOVE) and everything is explained…they leave no one left behind!

My recommendation….give it a go! It is a bit pricey for a one off class but they normally have new student deals on as well. If you’re up for commitment, there are package deals for regulars which end up saving you a little dosh but at the end of the day…you’re either going to love it…or you’re going to love it! (See what I did there?)

Try it out and let me know what you think! I’m a bit biased…but honestly…it’s friggin awesome!!!


S. x

…check it out…

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