Monkey Practice – aka: Air Yoga


Me and my besty Laura hanging out

There is something amazing about hanging upside down. I’m not sure if it’s the romantic notion of your heart being above your head, or my mild fascination with monkeys and sloths or just the fact that blood is rushing to my head…but I always feel calm, content and empowered when I’m inverted.

My head/handstands are improving…the by far best way for me to practice inversions is in Air Yoga. The support of that amazing hammock (which despite it’s looks can literally hold a tone) allows me to experience the benefits from being upside down with minimal effort. It’s also a fantastic way to build strength and flexibility.

Although I am a stubborn lil human and don’t like giving up on anything, I do get broed quickly…that’s why it’s so important for me to keep busy and to ensure I have a variety of things on the go. Air Yoga definitely adds a lot of Spice to my Yoga practice. While its not strictly a Vinyasa or Hatha type of practice, it definitely pays tribute to yoga principles and also improves my Yoga skills. The guys down at Air Space i   n Leederville are the bomb diggity. Their Bios will leave you in awe – why isn’t my life that cool! However they’re all extremely approachable and down to earth. The studio presents an amazing environment to learn and explore and it’s handily so close to Leederville’s coffee strip for an after class treat 🙂


2 of the teachers just doing their thannnnggg…

Besides the countless benefits that Air Yoga undoubtedly gives you, my favourite thing about it is that it’s really fun. Seriously… it’s fun. You will be challenged, you will sweat and you will no doubt at some stage of the class look around the studio with a look on your face like ‘is that move actually physically possible’ and hoping to get someone looking back at you with the same desperation. The feeling, however, that you get when you somehow manage to hold yourself up in a twisted and core killing position, is what makes it worthwhile. That, and the 5 or so minutes of laying in the hammock like a cocoon at the end of the class (there is a serious temptation to fall asleep here – no one will judge you).

So give it a go, anyone can do it! It is for all ages and skill levels and you wont regret it!

Besides, it’s a great place to just hang out with friends 😉 (pun intended)


S. x

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