Chug Life…

Chug Life… aka Thomas Cake


Long Story short, the cake was a success! Well, at least in the eyes of a 2 year old 🙂


It was a bit of a rush job, and it was made slightly on the cheap (cake making can be super expensive!) but my lil’ nephew certainly loved it…and I Loved watching his super sugar high knowing that my sis would have to deal with his crash! Haha sorry sis! Payback for SOME of the jokes you once played on me when I was young…the joys of having older siblings!


The train was kitted out with Rolo wheels, m&ms, chocolate covered fruit and nuts and jelly babies. It was rolling on a licorice track and Thomas was made from layered chocolate and butter cake, sandwiched with Nutella and chocolate ganache…


And inside…

        11741853_10153580861848968_474269226_n  11749707_10153580861838968_1305028543_n

Happy Sugar Filled Days.

Someone give me something to bake!


S. x

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