Fatty Cake Love

Cake Cake Cake!

I am so excited! Tomorrow, my gorgeous nephew turns 2! To celebrate, our amazing family is going out to the Zoo on Sunday (hopefully the weather holds out) to see the animals and have a picnic. After a bit of deliberation, I decided that I’ll make his cake…I have been super busy lately, but baking has always been a great way for me to relax and I am actually looking forward to creating something special for my favouritest Nephew (also my only Nephew 😉 ) Plus, I generally try to eat healthy and making a birthday cake is a great way to make something ‘Fatty’ aka full of sugar and fat 🙂

So. A Thomas the Tank engine it is! I didn’t even know kids still watched that show! But apparently he is obsessed…and I have actually always wanted to make a train cake! I always pictured having cool lil carriages with lollies inside! After some research…I have come to the realization that I have my work cut out for me! My sister did say that it didn’t have to be exactly like ‘Thomas’ as he probably wouldn’t know the difference anyways…but it would be nice to be somewhat similar!

Does anyone have any helpful tips for me! I am going in blind so any advice would be appreciated!

Looking back at some of my other creations…I have decided that I would really love to make more cakes for people…It really is like an edible art…and who doesn’t love cake!

Check out some of the ones I have made already:

Minion Cake:


This lil guy weighed a tonne! For one of my besties….it was layered with chocolate and blue coloured vanilla cake

Malteaser Brownie Cake:11372428_1601391046798282_620504159_n

This guy was for my hubby’s birthday. Layered chocolate and brownie cake with chocolate ganache, covered in Nutella and topped with about 3 bags of Malteasers and more chocolate! Not for the faint hearted!

Anti-Gravity Cake:10576109_307327466094469_1089904935_n

This was made for a friend after he posted on FB asking where he could buy one from….I had never made one before…but I gave it a shot for him and I was pretty happy with how it turned out! This was actually the first cake anyone had ever paid me for!

Pigs in Mud – Mudcake11274437_902956716414597_506194150_n

This cake was a ‘just because’ cake. My mumma showed me a pic of a similar one and basically said – should we give it a go. My usual response: ‘sure lets do it!’. Ended up using it as my brother-in-laws birthday cake! Was pretty damn good! Mudcake with a chocolate topping, Kit Kats around the side and cute lil piggies mucking around on top!

Chicago Bulls Layered Red Velvet Cake11378007_482572575251782_1557543642_n

A cake for my housemates birthday. The cake itself was layered chocolate and red velvet cake layered with Nutella and chocolate ganache and was my first fondant cake 🙂

I absolutely love experimenting and would really love to learn how to use fondant better. I would love to take on a baking/cake decorating course on! If anyone can recommend one in Perth that would be amazing!

Wish me luck for my Thomas Cake and I’ll be posting it once it’s done!


S. x

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