My Hiatus

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you just need a time out. Although the time I spent wasn’t exactly sitting by a pool, relaxing and sipping cocktails (although I have been on 2 holidays already), I have certainly gained so much clarity and am looking forward to the rest of this year! So what exactly have I been up to? Here are my top 5 biggies:




Bali with my Loves

  1. Finished up at the company which I had been with since I graduated11133761_10153307988068968_3138375681031810949_n over 4 years ago. I would love to say that it was sad leaving, and certainly there are things that I will miss, but the opportunities I have been presented since have kept me in an amazingly grateful and positive mood! Sadly, most of my colleagues were made redundant over the 12 months before I left so my farewell, both on site and in the corporate office, was small but still incredibly heartfelt.


  1. I started working part time in jobs I have never before had any experience in. In the spirit of trying new things, I am currently working part time in 3 very different jobs, with very different company structures. I am finding the positive in absolutely everything and I am loving the opportunities I have been blessed with! I love the flexibility I have and the fact that I am working with such friendly and generous people! I never say no to new opportunities (hence the 3 jobs!) but have managed to align the opportunities to what is best for me and my sanity…very important.
  1. I am learning Spanish! After being on my bucket list for at least 4 years, I am finally committing to it! I am participating in a 10 week course and loving it. Anyone speak Spanish out there??? Feel free to message me! I need a buddy!
  1. Testing out new fitness activities and making commitments. After a slump due to a lingering cold, I am now back in the gym 3+ times a week and smashing PBs. I am also finding more time to walk my baby boy Khan (my Chow Chow) and to practice yoga I have also started trying Xtend Barre and a few other types of exercise (more on that later!) and conquered a mountain with some besties!!

Summit of Bluff Knoll!


My First SUP (Stand up Paddle) on the Swan River


  1. I am getting organized and focused! Feeling organized is the key to a clear mind for me! My study is my pride and joy, it may be the smallest room in the house but it’s certainly one of my favourites! It’s my space for clarity, focus, inspiration, motivation and learning. My vision board is constantly being re-vamped as we smash our goals and make room for more. It is so so so important to have goals, write them down and re-visit them. The more we do this, the more we achieve. Trust me…I have trialled and tested it J

My Boy Khan

I promise to be posting more on my journey and I encourage your encouragement!


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