Pursuit #2 – Strength

One of the things I’ve always admired is those women with incredible strength, in all aspects; spiritually, mentally and physically. I am blessed to be brought up and surrounded by a lot of strong women (and men) in all of those facets and I continually strive to embody their strengths. Which brings me to this goal (goal #2) – Physical Strength

Although I am no stranger to the gym, for the very first time, I decided to test my maximum physical strength (eek!!!). It started on Thursday, when I decided to join a nearby 24-hour gym (I am a bit of a night owl so having access to a gym at all hours is a bonus for me).

I always gain so much motivation looking around the gym. I like to think it’s a place where people try to better themselves and reach their goals, no matter how big or small. Everyone’s doing their own thing, at their own pace, for their own health – it’s certainly better than looking around maccas or a pub! But I digress :)…

So…This morning, along with my sexy new gym buddy, I tested my max weight for bench press, dead lift and squat and finished off with a bridge to failure. I am definitely not Miss Olympia in the making, but I am surprisingly pretty happy with my results – you have to start somewhere and were all different! So here it is, along with some sneaky (and far from glamorous) action snaps!

Bench Press – 32.5kg


I certainly didn’t feel strong with this one, I tried 35kg but couldn’t even finish the second rep! (for my strength testing had to get 3 solid reps). In a couple of months time that 35kg will be mine!!


Dead Lift – 55kg

My first whinge of the day…’my hands hurt’!! Seriously though….my little office hands weren’t happy! Anyways, 55kg is good for me! Definitely want to get to 80kg though….Eventually 🙂


Squat – also 55kg

Squats are my FAVOURITE! I want to be like a little ant but with a big booty!

…Actually even ants have big badonkadonks!!

Anyways, 55kg done and dusted. Didn’t get my arse to grass as much as I wanted on my last rep but still pretty happy with my effort…

squat combo

And last but not least…

Bridge – 1min 45sec

Two words – Struggle Street!


Gotta crack that 2 mins next time I try this!

So there it is…my starting point!

Not sure when I will re-test these, maybe in 3 months? Anyways, this was a great start to the weekend, I a feeling happy and most importantly, starting to feel strong!

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