Pursuit #1 – Yoga (Instagram Inspired)

Sadly, my day usually starts and ends with Instagram, as one of my good friend says,

‘Instagram ruins your life and makes it better at the same time’

– K. Kazmer

My latest obsession on IG are the super stretchy, flexy and sexy yoga bunnies. So since i already dedicate too much of my time to looking at yoga goers, i decided it will probably be a good place to start on my pursuit of a passion!



So where to start? Initial investigations led to the discovery that there are ALOT of different Yoga styles. I have tried Bikram before (the one that is in extreme heat and you end up a hot sweaty mess) and I’ve joined in on a few video tutorials…so it is safe to say i am no expert.



After much deliberation, I decided to begin with the end in mind. I plan on practicing yoga, at least three times a week, until I either fall in love with it, or somehow manage to master 8 poses (sorry to any die hard yoga fans who cringe at my lack of yoga knowledge/naivety). These poses are pretty ambitious – and definitely well out of my current level of balance, flexibly, comfort and basically realm of possibility! But practice makes perfect!! 🙂

Pose #1:



No idea what this is called…but looks cool

Pose #2:



Think this ones called Scorpion? Correct me if I’m wrong!

Pose #3:



So I can sort of already do this, but, I definitely don’t look like this when i do it!

Pose #4:



Just, wow.

Pose #5:



Down Dog….literally! But the one i’m going for is below 🙂



Pose #6:



I don’t think this is technically yoga – but I want to do it anyway!

Pose #7:



This ones a little ridiculous, but worth a try…

Pose #8:



When in doubt, yoga with a friend!

So there it is. 8 poses. 8 is also my favourite number so it’s meant to be! Please comment if you know the name of the poses! Great times ahead!

I have just started Hatha and Vinyasa at a studio nearby called ‘Yogabode’ and so far so good! Follow me for a laugh and some progress!


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