My Disclosure – You have to start somewhere!

I’ll be the first to admit that blogging has never really been ‘my thing’. It reminds me of reality TV shows and frankly, I don’t think my life is that interesting…not interesting enough to watch on TV and certainly not interesting enough to read about – and yet here I am.

Before I paint the wrong picture, I’m not some kind of blog-a-phobe nor have I been hiding under a rock for the last few years ‘have you heard of this new fad – I think it’s called blogging’! In fact I’ve frequently found myself trolling through blogs, aimlessly lost in another persons world and a little obsessed with someone’s else’s version of life…so i thought…why not!?

My blog is my way of documenting my life’s biggest pursuit to date – a journey which probably won’t come into fruition unless there’s a chance that I have people to keep me honest and on-track… It seeks to document and explore my quest, to find a deep, unwavering passion. A passion that I could work towards and for, day in, day out. I can honestly say, I have not yet found such a passion but then again, I have always been reserved about trying new things! I guess its just that fear of failing and basically…I don’t like not being good at something – so sometimes I don’t even give it a try!

So here we go…follow me on my adventures: no procrastinating and no excuses….i’m getting ready for one hell of a year!!

5 thoughts on “My Disclosure – You have to start somewhere!

  1. admin says:

    I too am a first time blogger. My site is not fancy or very sophisticated, but I have lots to say. I have found my passion. My weekly posts are part of that passion. I hope you find yours. I have no problem if I fail at somethings. The way I look my failures is: (1) I tried to do something I was curious about instead of just thinking about it. (2) I gave it my best. (3) I learned it was something I could not do. Thanks for following my blog and best wishes for yours.


    • swansxx says:

      Thank you! Thats a great philosophy, and i believe all of that as well – it’s just a little more difficult for me to put it into practice! Your blog looks gorgeous! Best of luck and ill be following your journey xx


  2. carmendianne says:

    I’m a first time blogger also. Well, actually, I’m a 2nd time blogger but I don’t really count my failed attempts at beauty blogging. As a makeup artist you would think it would be fun to blog about your passion, but surprisingly I don’t have an interest in beauty blogging. Well, not exclusively, at least. I look forward to following your journey! I’m enjoying your blog already. 🙂


    • swansxx says:

      Thank you! I find it hard to! I’m normally quite a personal person so I struggle to put it all out there! So I’m starting slow! Beauty blogging would be hard! And I think it’s hard to stick to just one thing…


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